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Buy Fire Extinguisher online

  • Universal
Fire Extinguisher
₦ 10,500 ₦ 12,000
Buy Digital Safe box with Keypad Lock online

  • Universal
Digital Safe Box With Keypad Lock
₦ 370,000
Buy Digital Safe Box online

  • Universal
Digital Safe Box
₦ 70,000
Buy Electronic Safe Box - Black online

  • Universal
Electronic Safe Box - Black
₦ 60,000
Buy Gubabi Analog Fireproof Safe online

  • Universal
Gubabi Analog Fireproof Safe
₦ 220,000
Buy Digital Electronic Safe Box Keypad Lock online

  • Universal
Digital Electronic Safe Box Keypad Lock
₦ 80,000
Buy Wifi Time attendance/Access Control T3000 online

  • Universal
Wifi Time Attendance/Access Control T3000
₦ 64,200
Buy DES-DRF20 Fingerprint/Card/Password Access Control/Time Attendance online

  • Universal
DES-DRF20 Fingerprint/Card/Password Access Control/Time Attendance
₦ 44,951
Buy Plastic swiveling holder for stun gun 200 SGH-X4-P200 online

  • Universal
Plastic Swiveling Holder For Stun Gun 200 SGH-X4-P200
₦ 11,900
Buy Stun gun scorpy 200(jet form) online

  • Universal
Stun Gun Scorpy 200(jet Form)
₦ 33,200
Buy Stun Gun POWER 200 online

  • Universal
Stun Gun POWER 200
₦ 23,760
Buy Multi-purpose cutter for removal of textile handcuffs( HK-02 HK-02-B) online

  • Universal
Multi-purpose Cutter For Removal Of Textile Handcuffs( HK-02 HK-02-B)
₦ 2,380
Buy Textile disposable handcuffs(HT-01-BY) Black, yellow online

  • Universal
Textile Disposable Handcuffs(HT-01-BY) Black, Yellow
₦ 7,900
Buy Closed training baton TBU-21 online

  • Universal
Closed Training Baton TBU-21
₦ 16,500
Buy Hurricane flashlight SFL-02 with metallic clip online

  • Universal
Hurricane Flashlight SFL-02 With Metallic Clip
₦ 6,200
Buy Police Tornado Flashlight 63ml SFL-01 online

  • Universal
Police Tornado Flashlight 63ml SFL-01
₦ 10,100
Buy Stun Gun POWER Max online

  • Universal
Stun Gun POWER Max
₦ 35,600
Buy TYPHOON jet pepper spray 400ml online

  • Universal
TYPHOON Jet Pepper Spray 400ml
₦ 43,500
Buy Swiveling plastic holder for textile handcuffs HTH-03 online

  • Universal
Swiveling Plastic Holder For Textile Handcuffs HTH-03
₦ 11,880
Buy Pepper spray in the form of pen 14 ml online

  • Universal
Pepper Spray In The Form Of Pen 14 Ml
₦ 5,500
Buy Baton ending with a hidden spike(glass breaker) BE-04 online

  • Universal
Baton Ending With A Hidden Spike(glass Breaker) BE-04
₦ 9,240
Buy Hardened Expandable baton ExB- 26H online

  • Universal
Hardened Expandable Baton ExB- 26H
₦ 33,220
Buy Expandable  baton ExB-21HS online

  • Universal
Expandable Baton ExB-21HS
₦ 30,800
Buy Plastic swiveling holder for expandable baton BH-05/BH-04 online

  • Universal
Plastic Swiveling Holder For Expandable Baton BH-05/BH-04
₦ 8,000
Buy KBT-03 TACTICAL PEN online

  • Universal
₦ 20,890
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While electronic devices such as Canon Eos 1200d Kit Digital Camera, Camcorder Video Camera, help us record those memorable times in our lives. In addition surveillance gadgets such 2 MP IR Bullet Camera; 30 M IR and DJI Mavic Air Fly More Combo 4k Digital Camera Drone provide us with the security we need from criminals. Finally refrigerators aid us store as well as preserve Restpoint Single Door Deep Freezer Rp361 Liters, Haier Thermocool Medium Chest Freezer, LG Deep Freezer 510 - 450 Liters, Scanfrost – Premium 550 Liters Side By Side Refrigerator, and Hisense 100 Liters Single Door Fridge With Freezer the quality of our meals over an extended period of time.
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