Corporate Social Responsibility


At Internet OnitshaMarketing Ltd, we believe that socially sustainable development can only be achieved through long term corporate growth and therefore, intended to deliver the best – quality service – to our stakeholders; customers, business partners, employees and society by ‘being a partner in development.’

We envision making a positive impact in our business environs – in any place we do business –with strategic sustainable initiatives through environmental initiatives, ethical business practices and responsible economic initiatives.


Environmental Initiatives:

Our organization is environmentally friendly, thereby, taking it upon ourselves to uphold sustainable initiatives that are in connection with our business objectives. For instance, our organization is committed to progressive installations of solar powered inverters in all our centres, as our alternative source of electricity, in order to reduce emissions to insignificant minimum.


Ethical Business Practices:

We respect and abide by local regulations and laws. We consistently align our operations with global best practice, through continuous improvement of our ethical system. We look forward to our business associates and vendors to uphold similar ethical values.

We emphasis on quality products and services, therefore, we expect our vendors to supply products that have been certified as meeting fair trade and quality standards.

We  are committed to moral actions that encourage a positive impact on all the company's stakeholders, including employees, community, vendors, consumers, and shareholders. In addition, we also have an indirect responsibility to other stakeholders to run profitable and transparent businesses.


Economic Responsibility:

We focus on practices that facilitate the long-term growth of the business, while also meeting the standards set for environmental and ethical practices. By balancing economic decisions with their overall effects on society, we hope to improve our business operations while also engaging in sustainable practices.

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