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Ariel Washing Detergent-900g X 2

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Main Colour: White
Colour Family: Multi colour,
Main Material: Polyester See more...
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What you will find in the box

400g Ariel detergent


  • > Very mild on cloth
  • > Ariel has a good fragrance
  • > Washing soap
  • > Could be used in washing machine 
  • > Good for utensils' cleaning


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Product Description

Ariel detergent washing soap helps to make cloth clean in just 1 wash. It can be used in washing machines. also use in cleaning of the house and environments. Keeps the cloth shinning and sparkling white trusted protection to your entire family. Sunlight gives protection from germs in our cloths, dishes and utensils with added menthol to protect and refresh. It gently cleanses & cools your cloth for a hygienic clean that leaves it with a healthy and refreshed variants. 
Your guide to germs, illnesses and how to protect you and your family from them.You pick up several germs and quite some dirt on your clothes during the rainy season. The best hygienic practice to follow during the season is to shower in warm water when you return home. Wash your cloths with Ariel detergent
Keep the kitchen and bathroom clean with Ariel detergent. The wet areas of the house are more predisposed to germs and bacteria than other areas. There is no option but to keep these areas as dry as possible and to give them a good scrub and wipe down at least twice a week. Use a strong tile and floor soap in your cleaning water, wipe down the cooking tops, stove, faucets, toilet seat, switches, towel rods and door knobs. 

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