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Longrich White Tea Multi - Effect Toothpaste (200g)

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1 x  Longrich White Tea Multi - Effect Toothpaste (200g)


  • Benefit: 
  • >Toothpaste that is very safe for long-term use
  • >Because it is made from natural ingredients such as white tea and xylitol
  • >Useful and suitable for everyone
  • >Effective cleaning of teeth, preventing loss, and allergies to teeth
  • >This toothpaste also kills germs and protects your gums
  • >It is a natural product
  • .>For treating weak gum, bad breath & tooth decay
  • >Stops bleeding in gum
  • >Makes your mouth healthy and clean
  • >Contains natural ingredients
  • >Sparkling and long lasting breath.


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Product Description

Longrich White Tea Multi - Effect Toothpaste (200g)

"Healthy toothpaste is formulated from White Tea extract and Xylitol" 

Toothpaste that is very safe for long-term use, because it is made from natural ingredients. Useful and suitable for everyone. Effective cleaning of teeth , preventing loss, and allergies to teeth . This toothpaste also kills germs and protects your gums. 

Features of Longrich Toothpaste: ·         

  • Fluorine free & anti decay White tea and xylitol extract can strengthen tooth roots and prevent decay. ·         
  • Cleanse deeper Anti-septic TSC and soft-pressed silicon granules make your mouth clean and breath very fresh. ·         
  • Strengthening Gums Combination of Strontium Chloride and aloe extract, protects teeth and gums from heat, cold, acid, sweetness, prevents tartar and stops bleeding.

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