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Norland Norland Health Way Vision Capsules.

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What you will find in the box

1 X 60 capsules 


Volume: 60 Capsules Improves quality of life

Resist aging and oxidation

Effectively adjust body immunity

Does not contain any allergic addictive substances

Effective for strong bones and teeth.Nurtures brain cells

Rich in iron which helps to produce red blood cells and prevents anaemia

. Rich in vitamin D which helps body absorb calcium. 


Warranty Type

This product has the following warranty :

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Product Description

This product is a  healthy food mainly made up of calcium carbonate, ferrous gluconate, zinc gluconate, cholecaciferol, beewax, soybean lecithin, hydrogenated palm oil, soybean oil, gelatin, glycerin and purified water, which has the health function of supplementing calcium, iron, zinc and vitamin D.The product does not contain any allergic addictive substances. The product could decompose hazardous substances in human body, resist aging and oxidation, effectively adjust body immunity, strengthen body resistibility, nurture brain cells and improve life quality, which is a reliable choice for numerous families

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