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OTVO PS4 Accessories PS4 Charger Play Station 4 Dual Micro USB...

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15 x 10 x 10



What you will find in the box

1 x Dual USB Charging Station Stand, 1 x USB cable


  • Specilaty designed for PS4 controller
  • Securely store and charge up two Dualshock simultaneously.
  • Full charge to two controllers within 4 hours.
  • Supplied with USB cable
  • Distinct dual colored LED light indicator


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Product Description

* Detail:

This product can be charged simultaneously for PS4 handle 2pcs

Standard DC5V input voltage

Easier interface to obtain power for PS4 host USB port, the computer USB port or other 5V power adapter USB, for PS4 host without using specially equipped and its dedicated power supply.

This product and For PS3 charger shape similar, but not universal.

* Instructions for use:

1, the product configuration of the charging line USB plug into the PS4 host, or inserted into the computer as well as other standard DC5V power adapter USB socket, the DV male side insert into the DC Female side of charger dock. and start to charge .at the same time ,there will be show blue color light in two transparent groove.

2, Put for PS4 handle to charging stand with correct installation. and make the Micro interface insert into the charging goove and charging with the correct installation .It can be charge two game controller at the same time.

* Technical parameters:

1, Scope: for PS4 handle

2, the input voltage: DC5V

3, the charging current: 400 mA * 2 groups

4, Material: ABS material.

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